ER24 International, a Mediclinic Group company, was established to provide a seamless international gateway to world-class healthcare services.

We serve public and private clients, such as governments, medical insurers, together with the energy and mining industry, who require access to international medical care. 

As a leading global healthcare provider, we partner with our clients to meet their medical needs, regardless of whether this is an intricate aeromedical evacuation, a patient referral or managing a complex remote project site in Africa. The best patient outcome is at the core of every decision that we make.

Medical Assistance Solutions

ER24 offers a comprehensive range of services for international insurers, medical assistance companies and corporations with clients travelling throughout Africa and further abroad.

Our clients are able to travel safely and securely with the knowledge that a qualified, well-equipped and trained emergency medical team is available for all their global emergencies.

Site Based Medical Solutions

We create purpose-built, scalable medical solutions with highly trained ER24 personnel based on-site for as long as our clients require. We design and deploy a purpose-built medical solution at a client’s site for short- or long-term periods.

Aeromedical Solutions

Utilising our in-house international Flight Desk and a specialised fleet of medivac aircraft, we seamlessly facilitate operations across Africa, Europe and the Middle East. We ensure rapid evacuation and transportation of critically ill or injured patients to Mediclinic and other appropriate hospitals worldwide.